Obesity: Cause and prevention measure for older people

Obesity: Cause and prevention measure for older people

Obesity is a disorder in which a huge amount of fat is accumulated in the body of a person. When the person grows older, the chances of obesity become very high, as they stop their physical exercise. Majority of organs of the human body are negatively affected by obesity. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, and certain cancers are encountered in patients who suffer from obesity.


Sometimes the genetics, behavioral, and also the hormonal balances get disturbed and cause obesity. The main problem related to this occurs when an older person takes in more calories and burn the same in lesser amount.The extra calories which are not burnt by the physical exercise are stored as fat in the body.

Laziness: The older people should also do some certain physical exercise or yoga to burn the calories accordingly.

Overeating: Sometimes the older people do not take care of their eating habit and this leads towards obesity. The food which consists high amount of carbohydrate help in increasing the cholesterol level.

Medications: There are certain medication such as an antidepressant, anticonvulsants, and also some diabetes controlling medicine cause the older one to obesity.

Psychological disorder: There are many elderly people who eat food without any reason if they had nothing to do simply they start eating some or another thing, which gives them high calories.

Social issue: Some of the older people who belong to the poor family, does not have enough money to purchase healthy food suffers from obesity.

Prevention of obesity:

The eating habits of older people should be changed immediately if the sign of overweight is seen in them. Doing yoga and physical exercise should be encouraged to them.Continuously sitting should be avoided by older people. Older people should avoid eating unnecessarily but to eat when feeling hungry.The diet of the older people should consist of low-fat milk and also of fresh food, to avoid obesity consumption of stale food should be stopped. The older people should have the habit of consuming fresh juices instead of packed and preservatives beverages. Oily food should be totally avoided by older people but having Short Term Health Insurance 2020 via https://www.healthinsurance2020.org. In the same way, the food which is made by the refined white sugar, flour should be avoided.Older people should follow the habit of walking instead of vehicles. At least half our morning and half our evening walk should be maintained.